Peculiar and yet interesting things are happening at BMW these days. The Bavarian company is currently testing cars on the famous Nurburgring as the season is about to come to an end. However, we’ve recently spotted some odd apparitions on the famous track. First there was a BMW M4 with big aerodynamic bits on it, then what looked like a BMW i8 Spyder prototype and now an interesting BMW M2 with camo.

What hides under that camouflage is still anyone’s guess but the uploader of the video below thinks it could be the rumored BMW M2 GTS. And while that may be right, we can’t really be sure as there have been contradictory reports about such a model surfacing over the last year, since the M2 came out initially. While in April BMW was denying such rumors with fervor, in July German media claimed that the project has been given green light.

BMW M2 GTS image 750x422

The fact is that the M2 is a great car. It has already created quite a following among BMW enthusiasts and it will continue to be revered as long as it will be in production. The biggest strength it has compared to its M4 brother though, is its price tag, which makes the M2 a bargain compared to most performance vehicles on the market. However, a GTS version would strip that advantage away.

Even so, if the BMW M2 GTS were to be launched, and if it came with a price tag of about $80,000 or even more, we’re guessing there would still be a market out there for a limited-run, hardcore version. Considering how good the stock car is, with better aerodynamics, more power and even less weight, the M2 GTS could become the next BMW E46 M3 CSL, depending on how many of them BMW plans to make in the first place.

The camouflage on the car in the video below seems to point to these exact areas as well. It covers the front bumper where new aero bits would be added as well as the sides and the rear bumper. What doesn’t make any sense though is the sunroof which would just add more weight to the whole thing. But then again, who knows what BMW is really testing here?