Being car enthusiasts, here at BMWBLOG, we like our sporty wagons. The idea of having a car that drives like a sports car but has the practicality and cargo space of a crossover is an appealing one. It truly allows us to have our cake and eat it, too. On paper, of course coupes are more fun and exciting. However, most people don’t live on paper. Most customers have lives and families and stuff to put inside their cars. So sporty wagons are a great compromise. The only trade-off is that they don’t look as sexy as a sport sedan or coupe. So the fact that BMW sells the 3 Series Sports Wagon in America is one that makes many enthusiasts happy. Unless, of course, you’re looking to buy a pre-owned one.

In this new article from Automobile Magazine, Marc Noordeloos talks about his search for a BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon. He and his wife want one but seem to be having a difficult time finding the right one. If Marc were buying a 3 Series sedan, he’d have literally zero issue finding the exact slightly pre-owned car he and his wife wanted. There are seemingly millions of them for sale in America. No so much with wagons.

To try and find the BMW 328i/330i xDrive Sports Wagon that they want, Marc has been searching high and low. Yet, still no luck in finding the right car. They have their wants and desires for the car, so it’s not like any will do, but their demands aren’t extreme. Basically, they want the Cold Weather Package with black leather and either the standard Fineline Anthracite Wood or aluminum trim. However, the black leather only came with either red or oyster accents and he finds the red to be too flashy. So they want the oyster.

Then there’s the fact that if you want the Adaptive M Suspension (a must have), it’s difficult to find one in Sport Line trim, rather than M Sport. And if you spec the latter, it looks a bit too crazy and it usually comes with the Track Handling Package. That Track Handling Package comes with the variable-steering setup, which is annoying, and the look-at-me wheels with a staggered setup. He’s right in pointing out that a staggered wheel setup on a four-cylinder all-wheel drive car is more annoying than anything else.

So it’s not so easy to find a BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon in America that fits your wants and needs. BMW doesn’t offer a lot of customization on the 3er wagon in America. So finding a pre-owned one that was spec’d to your liking is difficult. Unfortunately, if you want one, you might have to really settle on some options.

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