ALPINA’s B12 grand tourer was the German’s automaker to create one of the most exclusive cars based on, what is now, an iconic BMW model. Developed in 1990, the B12 was an ALPINA tuned version of the E31 8 Series BMW. Using the 5.0 liter V12 found in the 850i, the B12 was tuned to make 350 hp and hit 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. Though the real time is probably lower, considering the German’s penchant for underrating their vehicles. ALPINA also did its usual tuning to the suspension and brakes, as well as fitting those classic ALPINA wheels as well as the usual color scheme.

The German automaker only built 57 of them, 32 with the Shift Tronic. This was the forerunner of the SMG. When changing gear, the clutch is operated automatically with the shift lever.

This particular B12 is now for sale on James Edition in Marbella, Spain, for 119,990 euros ($140,820 at current exchange rates) and features the typical ALPINA shade of blue, paired inside with beige leather and blue-tinted carbon fiber trim.

The 8 Series was always an excellent looking car, but this ALPINA B12 really sends the looks over the top. Those ALPINA wheels are a thing of beauty on the B12 making the car look just as great as it did 26 years ago.

This ALPINA B12 has 56,110 miles (90,300 kilometers) on it.

[Source: Motor1]

[Note: Not the actual car for auction]