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This Lovely E38 ALPINA B12 6.0 is Currently For Sale

Almost every BMW enthusiast will agree — the E38 7 Series is the best 7 Series. Even most car enthusiasts in general will agree, as the E38 is pretty universally loved. Additionally, ALPINAs are pretty…

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This 1998 ALPINA B12 5.7 is the Stuff of Dreams

The E38 BMW 7 Series is aging like fine wine, getting better and better with every passing year. With its successors — such as the G11 7 Series LCI and the split-headlight-wearing replacement coming soon…

Video: Rare Alpina B12 5.7 Up for Grabs in Sweden for just €35,000

2020 BMW ALPINA B7 xDrive 0013 830x553

Rare 1991 ALPINA B12 up for sale

ALPINA’s B12 grand tourer was the German’s automaker to create one of the most exclusive cars based on, what is now, an iconic BMW model. Developed in 1990, the B12 was an ALPINA tuned version of…