2018 BMW i3 S out for a ride in Spain

BMW i, Spy Photos | July 24th, 2017 by 7
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Our friends at Motor.es are bringing us a new set of spy photos showcasing the upcoming 2018 BMW i3 S. Along with a style facelift, …

Our friends at Motor.es are bringing us a new set of spy photos showcasing the upcoming 2018 BMW i3 S. Along with a style facelift, the i3 lineup will also receive a new model – i3 Sport – which aims to deliver a more dynamic ride aboard the electric vehicle. The front-end will feature a re-profiled front bumper housing new slim line fog lamps in place of the round units used today, altered LED headlight graphics, revised sills underneath the doors, reworked tail-light lenses, a deeper and reshaped rear bumper, new alloy wheels and a wider range of optional two-tone exterior colour schemes. The body kit has also been extended by a few millimeters while the standard tires have been enlarged as well, for a beefier look.

bmw i3 s facelift 830x553

Inside, the new i3 Sport will receive a mild facelift, mostly consisting of the new trims and upholstery options. It is rumored though that the new electric vehicle will bring to market some new technology updates, but those are unclear at the moment.

The increased performance of the i3S iPerformance is achieve through a number of detailed chassis tweaks, including the adoption of a 40mm wider front track and a 10mm reduction in ride height over the standard version of the updated i3. BMW has also reprogrammed the dynamic stability control system of the i3 to provide the facelifted model with added grip and traction in wet conditions. Wider tires and a beefier body are also part of the i3 S.

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Built upon the current i3, but with tech and features from the upcoming i3 facelift, the i3s is expected to deliver between 10 and 15 more horsepower than the current model – which offers 168 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque – enough to propel the i3 from 0 to 62 mph in around 7 seconds.

Production is set to begin in November 2017.

7 responses to “2018 BMW i3 S out for a ride in Spain”

  1. JRobUSC says:

    Absolutely pointless. Instead of worrying about putting slightly less bicycle-ish tires on the i3 and calling it a “Sport” model, BMW needs to up the range over 200 miles and just make it look like a normal car. The end. Both the i3 and i8 are desperately overdo for a tech update, it’s like BMW has forgotten the i models even exist.

  2. TDIPower says:

    Sport would mean 200-250 HP, now that’s a car that would sell well.

    I recently drove the I3 94Ah Rex over 600 Kms in 2 days and loved every single KM, coming from a Leaf after 72,500 Kms in 2.5 years the quality was pretty impressive and the ride, very comfortable suspension but also brilliant handling, those skinny tyres didn’t misbehave no matter how hard I drove it on the twisty narrow roads of Connemara in Ireland. Roads such fun for a car like this and we have them everywhere in Ireland. Interior was very nice.

    The extra power was very appreciated and while the initial blast of acceleration wasn’t as (wow) as when I first drive the Leaf because I’m used to the surge of EV power, the most impressive thing is the I3 power keeps going when the Leaf starts to run out so overtaking was great fun on those twisty roads, see a gap, and bam, you’re out.

    Much more grip too compared to the Leaf so wide tyres don’t mean much if the car can’t put the power down when you need it this is a disadvantage of Front Wheel drive cars, I find the Leaf sometimes a real pain pulling out of junctions hard. The I3 didn’t spin the wheels once no matter how hard I tried but I did notice a delay in power when you hit the throttle from 0 probably in an attempt to aid traction or protect the drivetrain but this is also noticed in the Leaf, Ioniq.

    Recharge power for the 94 Ah car are still 45 Kw on DC, from those same triple headed DC chargers we have here in Ireland I tested the Ioniq and it charges at 65 Kw so why then did BMW decide not to increase charging power to the larger liquid cooled battery ? Charging at 65 Kw in the Ioniq was a lot faster and makes a big difference.

    I always say that you can get away with a much smaller lighter battery if you can charge it much faster. I would hope BMW have greater than 45 Kw for the facelift, seriously BMW.

    I almost forgot, the steering of the I3 was very direct and had very good feel, getting back into the Leaf and I had to turn the wheel a lot more and had hardly any feel.

    Again, I really loved the I3 and it really put a smile on my face driving it. I was disappointed that I could not get 200 Kms out of it at 110 Kph the best I got was 175 Kms before the Rex kicked in which was only for about 5-10 mins over 600 Kms only because I wanted to see how far it would go on battery only and could have charged on route from Dublin to Galway. In one day alone I drove 408 Kms and all on battery with a 50 min charge from 14-98% then 8 mins on the motorway. The Rex does give you peace of mind and can take it anywhere.

    The I3 is an expensive car but if it’s size suits you fine, it is a lot of fun that you will not get in the Leaf, Ioniq or Zoe. It’s a shame extras cost so much and this is where BMW fail compared to other cars like the Leaf and Ioniq, for instance you don’t even get keyless entry as standard and make do with old skool halogen headlights in such a high tech car, I was shocked when I say the yellow light because I’m so used to the Brilliant white light from the headlights in the Leaf :-)

  3. JRobUSC says:

    BMW had a huge opportunity to be a market leader with the i brand. The i8 generated nothing but rave reviews and positive press. It was the future — the expensive, forward thinking halo car BMW needed since they refused to go after the 911, R8, etc. And for awhile it worked, it was the sold out buzz of autodom. And instead of nurturing it and improving it and keeping it on people’s minds they’ve basically forgotten about it entirely, to the point they’ve practically stopped building it. Where is the i8 S? The 450hp+, M suspensioned, non-bicycle tire wearing 911/R8 fighter? It’s over at Acura, that’s where it is. Meanwhile BMW is busy adding 10hp and 10mm of tire to the i3. Just a huge opportunity wasted by bean counters that understand profits but don’t understand how brand cachet affects those too. They had a chance to build the coolest image car on the planet, and instead they let someone else do it. It’s infuriating.

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