Showrooms as we know them have been claimed by many to be on the way out of the industry, due to the way we’re getting used to shopping these days, with most of it being done online. However, market research shows that a lot of people still want to see and check out the product first hand before buying it. One clear example in this regard is Tesla, the company that initially went to war with dealerships, claiming it won’t have any brick and mortar stores, only to change its mind later on. BMW is still using showrooms to a great extent but that doesn’t mean that the Internet of Things (IoT) can’t help out from time to time.

According to LEDs Magazine, BMW is currently examining the possibility of using smart lighting inside its showrooms. This new system would allow dealers to change the light cast on different models when a customer walks by, drawing their attention to various features or design cues. Furthermore, the integration of IoT could send notifications to the customer’s phones while inside the showroom, explaining some of the things they are checking out at a certain moment.

At the moment, the system is apparently being tested in Munich with the help of Aurora Group, a lighting vendor from the UK. The technology used has embedded sensors and communication chips that can offer a wide range of options regarding lighting. For example, lights can be used to guide shoppers around the dealership, showcasing discounts of specific features of a car in the process. Useful info can also be sent to their smartphones.

“With the AXiO platform, the lighting enables a new dimension of sensing and control,” said Gary Bennett, managing director of Aurora Group, talking about the platform claimed to be tested these days. “From enhancing a car’s assets when a customer approaches it to the delivery of immediate tailored information as they’re walking through the door, the BMW customer experience will be very different to that elsewhere,” he added.