BMW is shutting down its “corporate fleet” pilot in Seattle, but continues to explore ways to serve enterprise customers. This Spring, ReachNow launched its first “corporate fleet” program this past March at the 8th & Olive office building, giving 1,000 employees who work in the building access to an exclusive on-demand fleet of BMW 3 Series and MINI Clubman ReachNow vehicles, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

GeekWire quotes ReachNow CEO Steve Banfield: “The round-trip model didn’t make sense for them,” Banfield said in regards to the vehicles being required to be driven back to the building if an employee rented a car from the dedicated fleet and took a trip.

Instead, many employees opted to rent a ReachNow vehicle off the street like a normal user giving them the flexibility to drive somewhere and not have to return the car back to its original location.

Now, instead of offering a dedicated fleet attached to a building, Banfield said he’s talking to businesses around Seattle about alternative ways to implement a corporate service.

“At our heart we are a consumer product, but at the same time, there are lots of companies looking for innovative ways to enhance their employees’ lives and how they move in and around the city,” he said. One of those, it’s attaching a rental fleet to the building for easier access.