Automakers are hard at work testing their latest prototypes and what’s a better place to test them on other than the legendary Nurburgring race track. In the video below, you can see the new BMW M5, a hardcore version of the 2017 Mercedes E63 AMG Station Wagon (Black series or “R”), the Lamborghini SUV Urus, the 2018 Bentley Continental GT and the BMW 5 Series GT.

2018 BMW M5

The F90 M5 was recently previewed by BMW when it allowed several journalists to take it for a ride around the Miramas track, BMW’s secret testing facility in France. The new F90 M5 is packing a variant of the same S63 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. In this new M5, it makes “around” 600 hp, though BMW was a bit mum on the exact details. Though it puts it right there with the Audi RS6 Performance and the Mercedes-AMG E63 S. It also packs 516 lb-ft of torque, which is up a bit from the previous car.

We’ve also previously learned that the new F90 M5 can get from 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, which makes it the fastest accelerating BMW ever made. BMW fans should be happy about that. Though, most enthusiasts aren’t worried about its power and performance, we all know BMW would deliver there. What most enthusiasts are concerned with is whether or not the new F90 M5 brings some of the purity and driving fun back to the brand. From what we’re hearing around the interwebs, It certainly seems that BMW has quelled the fears of its fanbase. Especially considering the new M5’s xDrive all-wheel drive system.

BMW will unveil the M5 this fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

2018 BMW 6 Series GT

This Fall, BMW will unveil their first BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, essentially the successor of the often criticized 5 Series GT, but with a new nameplate.The successor to the current 5 Series GT uses the long wheelbase of the 5 Series, which is only available in China, and will almost surpass the five-meter mark. This gives the 6 GT the best prerequisites for a more elegant roofing line, which justifies the rise of the concept in the 6 Series and eliminates the biggest criticism of the first generation: many potential customers could not make friends with the rear design of ​​the Gran Turismo.

BMW will position the 6 Series GT between the 5 Series and 7 Series and, luckily, it will borrow a thing or two from both of them. From the former it will take the engine line-up, with worldwide models of the GT ranging from the 620d to the 650i and even a plug-in hybrid or two. From the 7er, comfort features and luxury items will make their way into the cabin of the 6er.