Bimmerfest 2017 California sponsored by ESS Tuning was back at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California this past weekend. The annual event was filled with another full weekend of events after a huge turnout for both Saturday and Sunday last year. All the activities were full of fans who keep pushing the idea that Driving the Ultimate Driving Machine is the ultimate pleasure.

The BMW-centric event brings together thousands of BMW fans from around the country who gathered to showcase their cars and also to see the latest and greatest aftermarket accessories from tuning shops.

As always, the M3s and 3 Series models were in abundance, not only showing off some great mods, but also some unique color options. In the pack of tuned up cars you have your fair share of overly done projects that simply aim to be a headturner, but at the opposite spectrum you can see clean builds that make for a great daily drivers.