The coming of the BMW i8 Spyder isn’t necessarily news. We’ve known about the car’s existence for some time now. However, details on it have been pretty scant, with BMW being quiet about its topless i8. There have been some spy photos released and some renders but we haven’t really been able to get a good look at it as of yet. In this new spy video, though, we get to see the BMW i8 Spyder pretty closely, as it does some laps around the Nurburgring.

Admittedly, it’s only briefly that we get to see the BMW i8 Spyder in this video, as it only passes by a couple of times and the person behind the camera seemed keen on checking out the R32 GTRs instead. But we do get one really good shot at it and it’s pretty up close. From what we can see, which isn’t much thanks to the extensive camouflage, the i8 Spyder doesn’t look all that different from the standard car. Only the fabric roof and some noticeable folding sections at the rear are changed. We’re curious to see how the roof mechanism folds into the rear, due to there being an engine, electric motor and battery under there. It will certainly have an interesting folding behavior.

As the BMW i8 Spyder passes by, we get to hear just a bit of its engine and exhaust note. For those of who don’t already know, the BMW i8 uses a turbocharged 1.5 liter three-cylinder engine that helps make, in the standard car, a combined power output of 357 hp when paired with the electric motors. That little three-pot is actually a pretty good sounding engine and it sounds especially growly here. We don’t know for sure if BMW increased power or noise for the Spyder but it certainly sounds aggressive. Its noise will also be amplified for passengers with the top down, adding some drama to the otherwise incredibly high-tech car.

We’re very excited to see what becomes of the BMW i8 Spyder, as it could be one of the better looking cars in BMW’s lineup as well as one of the most exciting. The added drama of losing the roof will make the experience of driving the i8 even more interesting than it already is. Check out the new video below.
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