There seems to be some conjecture about American journalists not really liking the new BMW 5 Series but European journos loving it. This new review from Carbuyer UK isn’t going to help quell those rumors. In this latest video review, we learn about the car’s tech, interior comfort, driving dynamics and cost. Most of which earn top marks.

The first thing we see in the video is the car’s technology. The new 5er is dripping with it. Everything from Gesture Control to the Display Key, the new 5 Series is a powerhouse of technology. While some of the tech can be left at the dealership, such as the aforementioned Gesture Control, the new 5er’s satellite-aided transmission and impressive iDrive are all things that help make the 5 Series stand a bit taller than its rivals.

What can’t be denied on the inside, though, is the car’s build quality. Sit in the cabin of the new 5 Series and you’ll be impressed by the sheer lack of any subpar materials. Look around and it’s almost impossible to find a piece of scratchy plastic or fragile switchgear. Everything is sturdy, solid and luxurious feeling. Even Mercedes-Benz engineers will be impressed, as the E-Class can even sport some cheap-feeling plastics in its cabin. But the new 5 Series is a lovely place to sit and really does feel like a smaller 7 Series than a tarted up 3 Series.

There’s also good space in the back seat, allowing adults to have more than enough leg, knee and head room. While three adults will have trouble back there, as they would in any car in the segment, two adults or three children could travel in the back seat of the 5 Series with no issue. This may sound inconsequential to journalists or enthusiasts, but the people that actually buy these cars put kids in the back and carry adults to business lunches or friendly dinners. People actually have to buy and live with these cars everyday, so it’s nice to know that BMW thinks about the smaller details. Even the trunk is large and has a relatively small load lip, making it easy to place and remove larger items.

But this is a BMW 5 Series after all. So how does it drive? Well, we’ve already stated that we’re big fans. This is the best driving 5 Series in quite some time. In this review, we see that as well. It handles sharply, has very accurate steering, displays tremendous chassis control and can genuinely be fun. Is it as sharp or as dynamic as the Jaguar XF? No but it’s more comfortable than that car and more luxurious. And we must all remember that the 5 Series is designed to be part sport sedan, part luxury car, not entirely one or the other.

There are some drawbacks pointed out in this video, such as the poor visibility outward in certain directions, the costly options list and lack of as-standard options, as well as some of the technology being gimmicky. But on the whole, the new BMW 5 Series is a superb overall car and probably at the top of its class.