The BMW E46 M3 is one of our favorite models to ever roll off of the German car maker’s production lines. Overall, it is the sweet-sounding straight-six, packed with aggressive design cues and impressive performance – for its day – that make the M3 of its generation an instant classic. Now, this striking Mystic Blue M3 visited European Auto Source for some additional flare, given by the addition of aftermarket tuning parts.

The BMW E46 M3 is powered by a 3.2 liter naturally aspirated engine that produces 343 PS (252 kW; 338 hp). It helps propel the 3,415 lb (1,549 kg) car from 0-62 mph in around 5.1 seconds. Top speed is an electronically limited 155 mph (250 km/h) , while some models achieve a top speed of 171.38 mph (275.81 km/h). This particular vehicle comes with a six-speed manual, a highly-coveted option that caters to the purists among the ownership base. Additionally, the vehicle and its Mystic Blue exterior finish make for a perfect foundation for an aftermarket build.

Mystic Blue BMW E46 M3

The owner first wanted to update the vehicle’s handling. This is done thanks to ST Speedtech coilovers, yielding improved cornering performance. Furthermore, the M3 now comes upgraded with VOLK ZE40 aftermarket wheels. These give the M3 that nice finishing touch that sets it off. While some will argue that this JDM style doesn’t have a place on a German car like the M3 overall, it gives the vehicle a nice aftermarket look that the owner wanted.

The final touches are done thanks to some aero additions. These come in the form of a Status Gruppe carbon fiber front lip spoiler that’s matched with a CSL style rear diffuser. Together, these make for a rather stylish looking set of aftermarket additions. For a more detailed look at this BMW M3 build, take a look at the media gallery right below.