We’ve been following The Drive’s BMW E30 325is build pretty closely. It’s a cool project where they’ve been taking a $2,000 E30 325i and turning it into both a RallyCross and ChumpCar racer. First, they had to strip it out and fit a roll cage that worked for both race events and get it prepped for RallyCar as that’s what it had to do first. Now, in their latest video, we see the E30 take to the rally stage and it takes a beating.

Ryan claims at the start of the video that the rally stage in NY is rougher than most. He isn’t kidding as the stage broke many of the cars in the race and the little E30 broke five times and had to be towed off the stage twice. The rough terrain and extreme driving seriously damaged the little Bimmer. The list of damage was pretty long: they fried an ECU, busted the battery loose, had to hardwire the fuel pump to the battery and even cracked the oil pan.

However, despite all of the beating it took, the humble E30 325is still ran at the end of the day. Admittedly, they ended the day with a DNF (Did Not Finish), but the E30 was still alive afterward. It was leaking oil pretty bad from the cracked oil pan and was pretty beat up but it was still alive. It also looked like a ton of fun to drive, with some rear-drive, tail-out action that genuinely seemed like a blast. Aside from the physical beating, of course.

Now, they have to get the car back to the shop, repair everything that needs to be repaired, change the suspension and get it ready for ChumpCar in Alabama. They have about a month to do so, which isn’t a lot of time. But it will certainly be interesting to see if and how they get it done. Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated on their adventures.

[Source: The Drive]