Since the BMW M2’s debut, there’s been quite a bit of chatter about a possible hot version. After driving the 2, we’ve come to realize the incredible potential, not just for performance but for driving enjoyment. It’s not that the standard car isn’t great, becasue it is, but it’s capable of even more. So the idea of a BMW M2 is one that gives enthusiasts fizzy bits. The idea of driving one may have given this specific enthusiast so much fuzzy bits that they almost binned it.

A new video of a possible BMW M2 CS recently surfaced of it driving on the Nurburgring. However, it wasn’t a glamorous one. The driver of this camouflaged M2 comes in a bit too hot, power-sliding a bit, and gets dangerously close to the wall. They managed to correct it and keep on driving but I’m sure there was a purchase of underpants soon thereafter.

We’re not exactly sure what this car is but it’s likely the BMW M2 CS. We don’t know of another M2 in the works and it’s too early for a refresh, so we’re assuming this is the upcoming M2 CS. That’s good news, as it shows BMW is close to finished with it, if it’s taking hot laps on the ‘Ring. We’re very excited to see it and drive it. Hopefully, our excitement doesn’t get the best of us as it may have with this driver.