The replacement of the 6 Series – as we’ve mentioned months ago – is coming next year. But ahead of its highly awaited debut, the resurrected 8 Series has to go through the high-speed purgatory known as the Nurburgring. The coupe version of the 8 Series was spotted this week during some fast-speed sessions on the legendary track.

While the spy video doesn’t really offer anything we haven’t already seen, as there isn’t a difference in the way BMW’s camouflaged it, we do get more clear looks at it.

It’s very low, sleek and aggressive looking, which is good. Its overall profile is very attractive and we can see the beginnings of what will be a very sexy coupe. Just in the 8 Series body shape, it has all of the right elements for a proper grand tourer — long hood, short rear deck and muscular rear haunches.

In the case of the BMW 8 Series, we can assume a wide range of particularly powerful drives, since the 840i and 840d basic models are powered by straight-six-cylinder engines. In addition, the V8-powered BMW 850i offers more than 450 hp with even more performance and prestige for all who place particular emphasis on superior driving performance.

A BMW M860i as M Performance model with V12 biturbo as well as a BMW M8 is on the table also from 2019 onwards.