BMW i8 can genuinely be more enjoyable than the Porsche 911

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Since its debut, there have been several comparison tests between the highly futuristic BMW i8 and the classic sports car, the Porsche 911. Enthusiasts are …

Since its debut, there have been several comparison tests between the highly futuristic BMW i8 and the classic sports car, the Porsche 911. Enthusiasts are quite polarized by this comparison, as fans of the 911 are unswayed in their beliefs that the classic rear-engined Porsche is the best sports car for the money. To be honest, it’s almost impossible to argue this, as the 911 is superb and always has been. However, the BMW i8 brings a very different and unique take to the segment and its interesting new take could bring some 911 buyers over to its side. It did with at least one buyer, as evidenced by this Autocar article.

This BMW i8 owner actually replaced his Porsche 911 with it. Having driven 911s for decades, this owner decided to make the switch to the i8 mainly for its cost, or lack thereof. Thanks to impressive incentives to having a low-emissions vehicle in the UK and the lack of fuel it uses, the BMW i8 costs significantly less to own than the 911. However, cost isn’t the only reason.

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When it comes to driving fast, whether it be on a track or twisty back road, the Porsche 911 is probably the better car. It’s sharper to drive, faster and has more of a classic sports car feel. It connects with its driver a bit more than the i8 when it comes to really pushing it. However, when it comes to driving it everyday, in traffic, running errands and some the fun stuff as well, the BMW i8 feels more special.

The i8 looks crazy, its swan doors open up in dramatic fashion, you slink into its low seats like in a proper supercar and it feels like you’re piloting an X-Wing Starfighter. It’s futuristic and completely different from anything else on the road and this gives even mundane trips a boatload of drama. So even though it doesn’t have the 911’s delicacy and precision at the absolute limit of driving, it provides more excitement at every other level and is still great fun to drive. Let’s be real, the BMW i8 isn’t like driving a tool shed, it’s crazy quick and damn fun to drive.

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Throw in the fact that the BMW i8 gets significantly better fuel economy than the 911, can be driven using purely electric power and is cheaper to own, thanks to its emissions breaks, and the i8 is one of the best overall cars in its price range, if not the best.

[Source: Autocar]

20 responses to “BMW i8 can genuinely be more enjoyable than the Porsche 911”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    a lot of people dont understand the i8. everyone that I have seen drive it love it.

  2. Julien says:

    that is some serious statement.

  3. geolemon says:

    It’s simply not really comparable.
    They are fundamentally different cars.
    The real only common element is “both cars go fast”. They are different in absolutely every other way possible. And “both are fun”, sure.

    The traditionalist will want the 911 because they are predisposed to believe it – they believe “perfection of old school gasoline technology to a fine point is the best”, and will use their enjoyment of it to justify it.

    The bleeding-edge futurist will want the i8 because it uses the latest technology to push the performance envelope farther (and offers even more promise for the future), and will use their enjoyment to justify it.

    Neither one is wrong – good luck convincing them of that. This is America, land of polarization.

    • Steven Coleman says:

      good perspective and very true..ive owned both and they are like the sun and moon..both vastly different but the world needs both of them! Some like the night others the day…but you do get to choose!

  4. Dailybimmer says:

    I always feel that the car looks more like a trekker from the front, maybe a upper-class sedan, or how the current 5 series should look like, but not a real sports car, you know what I mean? The kidney grille sits too high and should be one floor lower where bumpers sit instead. Take the M1, or the former 8 series with the E code as reference.

    • Steven Coleman says:

      hmmm I tend to disagree…if you see the car in person the low wide slung grill and body definitely give the car a supercar look something the Porsche could never match…maybe the 918 of course a million bucks though…people follow you all over town and even though it has a BMW logo clear as day on the front and back…they always ask what kind of car is that and are amazed of how crazy the car looks…no 911 owner would ever get that…but they would have a little bit more performance for more money…but where else can you get exotic car looks and damn near performance for under a 150K?

  5. Dave Redman says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I love my i8, but it needs a couple of tweaks: 1. wider wheels (I put some custom vossens @ 245/35/21 and 285/30/21 on mine). 2. more power. 3. A proper exhaust. (2) doesn’t need to be crazy – but 400+ bhp and 430+ torques would make it a monster and probably isn’t too hard a stretch. and (3) .. what can I say.. a Fiat 500 Arbarth sounds better, and thats just wrong. I know an inline-3 is never going to sound like my N63 with its Meisterschaft EV system, but come on.. if I’m in sport-mode, make some proper noise, and then augment it with that external speaker if you must.

    • Steven Coleman says:

      I agree with you completely Dave i’ve ordered wider tires for mine too….did you know the 18’s might have 420hp…and wider tires too.. that will give the car supercar performance because only i8 owners know how quick the current already is…and Dave order the K&N air filter you can tell a small difference in the midrange!

  6. doanldmite911 says:

    how much does the i8 cost? author says it’s significantly less to own than 911. what does that mean in $ dollar? or pounds?

    • DrFitt says:

      Mine was $150k loaded.

    • Steven Coleman says:

      it starts at 140k USD and 911’s do cost more…way more and im not just talking about gas….maintenance is free on new i8’s up to 50kmiles 911’s are not. and if you’ve ever owned a 911 every time the dealer lifts the rear decklid its gonna cost lots of $$$

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