Since its debut, there have been several comparison tests between the highly futuristic BMW i8 and the classic sports car, the Porsche 911. Enthusiasts are quite polarized by this comparison, as fans of the 911 are unswayed in their beliefs that the classic rear-engined Porsche is the best sports car for the money. To be honest, it’s almost impossible to argue this, as the 911 is superb and always has been. However, the BMW i8 brings a very different and unique take to the segment and its interesting new take could bring some 911 buyers over to its side. It did with at least one buyer, as evidenced by this Autocar article.

This BMW i8 owner actually replaced his Porsche 911 with it. Having driven 911s for decades, this owner decided to make the switch to the i8 mainly for its cost, or lack thereof. Thanks to impressive incentives to having a low-emissions vehicle in the UK and the lack of fuel it uses, the BMW i8 costs significantly less to own than the 911. However, cost isn’t the only reason.

When it comes to driving fast, whether it be on a track or twisty back road, the Porsche 911 is probably the better car. It’s sharper to drive, faster and has more of a classic sports car feel. It connects with its driver a bit more than the i8 when it comes to really pushing it. However, when it comes to driving it everyday, in traffic, running errands and some the fun stuff as well, the BMW i8 feels more special.

The i8 looks crazy, its swan doors open up in dramatic fashion, you slink into its low seats like in a proper supercar and it feels like you’re piloting an X-Wing Starfighter. It’s futuristic and completely different from anything else on the road and this gives even mundane trips a boatload of drama. So even though it doesn’t have the 911’s delicacy and precision at the absolute limit of driving, it provides more excitement at every other level and is still great fun to drive. Let’s be real, the BMW i8 isn’t like driving a tool shed, it’s crazy quick and damn fun to drive.

Throw in the fact that the BMW i8 gets significantly better fuel economy than the 911, can be driven using purely electric power and is cheaper to own, thanks to its emissions breaks, and the i8 is one of the best overall cars in its price range, if not the best.

[Source: Autocar]