BMW will reduce number of models in future, but not the ones we want

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It’s no secret that the Germans car brands love their niche vehicles. BMW especially so. Well, that’s actually not so fair to say, it’s really the customers that love niche vehicles. Customers in both America and Europe love all of BMW’s strange niche cars, like the 4 Series Gran Coupe, X4 and Gran Turismo models. But even BMW will admit that there are just too many models in the brand’s portfolio. So, in the future, BMW will have no choice but to cut some of the less popular models but, unfortunately, they aren’t the models we’d like to be cut.

“The checkerboard of body styles and segments is rather full, although there are still a few to be finished,” BMW’s Ian Robertson recently told Car and Driver. “We’ve got an X2 and an X7 coming, and there are a few others, but I also know—because we’ve taken decisions—that some body styles will be removed in the future.”

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The problem for us enthusiasts is the those body styles to be removed in the future are likely to be coupes and convertibles. “The segment that is not really progressing is the roadster segment,” said Robertson. “It never really recovered after 2008, and it never picked up in Asia. Therefore we’re working with Toyota on a platform to try to gain some economies of scale.”

For many customers, a Gran Coupe model is more attractive than a traditional coupe, as it still feels like a coupe but has the added four-door practicality. “There’s definitely more of a move toward four-door coupes,” Robertson told C&D. “We’ve done the Gran Coupes; they’ve really worked. People like the lower seating position and the sporty dynamics but also the fact there’s a door in the back. It’s fair to say that when we look at the checkerboard, because of the new things we’re putting in, there are some things we can take out.”

But it isn’t only BMW, as Mercedes-Benz feels the same way. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz, told C&D “The specialty cars, these coupes and convertibles, were always niche cars,”. He continued by saying that the Chinese market has a lot to do with the need to drop some of these models. “The expansion into China and other emerging markets [has given] huge opportunities for sedans, but they did not take up these specialty cars. Which makes the business case for these vehicles less easy.”

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According to Zetsche, there won’t be any new two-door models, only two-door cars “in the variety we are having them right now.” So we’ll still see C-Class and E-Class coupes, but don’t expect any new sports cars or roadsters any time soon.

This is unfortunate, as the sorts of cars that enthusiasts love most will start to fade as customer demand simply isn’t where it used to be. Granted, we’ll still get our sports cars and sport sedans but the fact that exciting new coupes will become a thing of the past is disappointing. BMW is currently working on the BMW Z5 roadster with Toyota, so enthusiasts better appreciate it while it’s here because there might not be another one.

[Source: Car and Driver]

39 responses to “BMW will reduce number of models in future, but not the ones we want”

  1. Icebreakerr says:


    • Dailybimmer says:

      I am with you.

    • guest says:

      So why would you expect one now?
      They’re co-producing with Toyota just to produce the new Z.
      Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Aston hypercar all evolve from F1.
      Do you see BMW in F1?

      • Icebreakerr says:


        • guest says:

          Homologation special co-production with Lamborghini, so late to market it couldn’t even compete in the races it was built for. At the time supercar was Italian V12 or Porsche Turbo, not a 3.5 l. I-6, same problem Honda would have with the original NSX. M1 is a classic now. It was no Countach then.

      • Icebreakerr says:

        its got nothing to do with F1 u fuckin retard they made the M1 that was BMWS FIRST SUPERCAR DUMBASS

        • guest says:

          They had to create Procar just so the M1 would have something to compete for legally. BMW V10 was a result of F1, went into M5 & M6, which are still BMW’s supercars today.

    • Dave Redman says:

      sigh. I love my i8, but it needs more grunt.

      The number of times I get people asking me “how fast is it?” and I’m half embarrassed to admit that while it looks like a super-car and is ~4 seconds to 60 it doesnt have the real super-car chops..

      The poor little inline-3 would be so much better if replaced by the i-4 from the 328, say (and cranked to the same crazy psi). There isn’t enough room to keep the back seat +2 and the i-6 (N54/55), so put the biggest i-4 available in the space. And while we’re at it – make the electric motor at the front bigger and maximize the torque always (at the expense of range, if that is what my right foot demands) – having said that the current front motor is quite able to break grip on my upgraded 245/21 fronts – so perhaps its not that simple :/

      While I’m ranting – what is the deal with the exhaust? a fiat 500 arbarth has a proper exhaust that sounds better..

      I think the i8 I want next has the bi-turbo V8 from my X6 (or the new 550M) + a bigger front electric motor. Sadly, that probably means losing the “+2” so I guess its a good job my eldest son will be driving soon… :/

      My X6 will almost certainly be replaced by the M550 – I keep eyeballing an Audi-R8. BMW – Please don’t let me (make me) replace my i8 with one of those, give me an option.

      • Icebreakerr says:

        4 sec is still fast imo but i understand what you mean I think after the i8S then M might have space to do there own thing my best guess is when the next gen R8 comes or SLS sucessor BMW M will create something

  2. Henry Ting says:

    BMW has evolved into all looks and no guts and it drives like a Hyundai or Toyota.

    • Marlo says:

      Lol. You clearly are not a car enthusiast.

      • Arunabh says:

        @ Henry –

        Yep. and you also don’t understand designs much. Current BMW line up has one of the most unimaginable looking cars in the industry right now.

        • guest says:

          Keep reading this, but no one ever volunteers who has a better lineup. Competition are all either generic clones of their other models or flat out ugly, besides we know there’s a shake-up happening @ BMW Design so we don’t know what to expect (apart from their Award winning Concept 100’s).

    • guest says:

      Which Hyundai or Toyota drive like an M2, M6, X5 M or i8, to cite just a few examples? A 320i can be optioned to outperform any of the competition.

      • Henry Ting says:

        Not in your wildest dream that the current 320i can be optioned to OUTPERFORM any competition. The current F30 platform comes with very vague steering feel, suspension like a bloated boat, under-powered and good luck trying to keep it for more than 5 years before it falls apart due to all the plastic components they use. Look under the hood you’ll see plastic pulleys, plastic water pumps, plastic hose connectors and to save weight, it uses a lot of aluminum fasteners which breaks and the spill engine oil all over the engine bay. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the plastic valve cover that will crack or self-destruct resulting in your engine taken an oil bath.

        • guest says:

          Chris Harris & Jalopnik disagree with you. Certainly I would choose it over any of the inferior pretender wannabes. Why are u here?!

          • Henry Ting says:

            Notice that you use all the BMW marquee M models to compare with the Toyotas and Hyundais. I was talking about the 320i, which is the lowest denominator within the BMW models, which truly represents the BMW quality because its the bread and butter model that BMW sells the most. Likewise I can ask you to list out what in your opinion is so great about the 320i. Chris Harris is the greatest BMW advocate. Apart from all the marquee M models, when did he ever tested a 320i. He touted the BMW so highly that he even trashed the Lambos to contrast how good BMWs are. Besides every video on him comes across as an eyesore to me. He’s one of those who fancies driving a car sliding all over the place to prove how good a “Ken Block Wannebee” he is. Because of the way he drives, Lamborghini banned him from testing their cars for a number of years. Just lately they agreed on a truce and he stopped his sideshow of his liking of driving a car sideways.

          • guest says:

            BMW drives like a Toyota or Hyundai was your statement, no qualification or citation. The 320i established this market segment & is still the benchmark, the Japanese & Americans would still only be producing fwd. without it. ALL of your observations are personal & subjective, nor is the 320i its volume model. Again – why r u here?

          • Henry Ting says:

            Why are you here ? Your love of BMWs are apparently blinding you from seeing what is out there. BMW were good, but not in a sense the way you are vouching for it. You are clueless and doesn’t even know what you don’t know and consequently you think you know and question other people’s knowledge and slinging on me for being here. Like it or not, I’m here to voice my opinion to the clueless people like you.

          • guest says:

            I am here to praise BMW, not bury them. You slag me & the brand without once actually naming any superior competition. From experience, I can tell you since at least the E36 their autobahn drivetrain & engineering meant that their highway sweet spot was @ least 20 km/h over the competition, their multilink suspension kept them planted where others weren’t, and certainly they didn’t have the rhd. gaps in stack setup & wiper coverage that their Asian “competition” did. Now that the 3 is larger just makes it more similar to the E39, @ the time frequently cited as the world’s most perfect car. If you have a substitute, NAME NAMES, rather than just spouting slander. I’m not here to engage with some anonymous doosh’s unsubstantiated troll hate, so buhbye boobie.

          • Henry Ting says:

            Seems to me you want to slander other people’s opinion that disagree with you. You might be able to pick on someone who is equally clueless as you. Fine, if you hold such high regard on BMW, but it only shows that you don’t even know what you don’t know and subsequently you think you know. How in the world can you bring up BMW E30s and E39 which were the golden era of BMW and try comparing them to the current models shows how clueless you are. Yes, the 2002tiis and the E30 Ms were the ones that put BMW on the map. Surely the current models are a far cry compared to the past generations. Apart from that you even brought up Chris Harris to justify vouching for BMWs. The guy is like you, spreading nonsense in vouching for BMWs. His take of a good handling car is the ability to drift it sideways. It fact he even detest Lambos for not being able to drive it sideways. For a while Lambo even banned him from testing their cars because he treats their cars like rally cars and drives it like a Ken Block wannabee. Go on, see who else you can bring on board vouching for BMWs.

          • guest says:

            So you can argue with success. You are on the wrong page. You claiming slander is throwing a rock out of your glass house.

  3. Fritz says:

    “There’s definitely more of a move toward four-door coupes”


  4. Arunabh says:

    Get rid of X4 and integrate 4 series back with 3 series pl.

    • guest says:

      Not going to happen. X4 is additional revenue from an existing platform, increased volume from 1 production line, X6 has made huge profits off the X5. 3 & 4 models may diminish, but BMW have been attempting to vary coupes/cabs. from sedans for some time, a la original 5/6 & as Audi later copied with A4/5.

  5. Dailybimmer says:

    @ Icebreakker

    I bet the current M3 model will be the last one. Next M3 will be ditched and replaced by M4 Gran coupe.

  6. Dailybimmer says:

    Next M2 maybe as M2 Gran coupe?

  7. Dailybimmer says:

    Bmw should remove 6 GT and the 2 series Gran tourer from their lineup and make instead a fucking Porsche 911 killer. We want more dreams cars.

  8. Pictor says:

    Start with killing the 5-series GT/6-series GT. GC’s like the F06 are nice but I cannot bring myself to buy a BMW hatchback nor a FWD BMW. Clearly I’m not the target consumer.

    The EU market is not the same as the US market and the CN is like no other. So why lump them all into one? If we’re making comparisons to Toyota then they seem to get that and sell country specific models. Despite the volume differences, BMW needs to do the same. I would argue that the margins are better with BMW so they don’t need to move the same volume but they do need a product that a given market wants.

    • guest says:

      Since they’re doing record volume, don’t you see they’re already doing that? LWB Chinese 3ers & 5ers are our GTs, 1er Sedan exclusively Chinese.

      • Mark Tucker says:

        You do not need to sell every niche model in every market.

        If you looking for surplus models, look at the X1, X2, X3 and X4. They will all sell at a similar price point, and appeal to the same customer. The issue is at this lower price point the market expects a new model every three to four years. BMW model cycle is traditionally longer than that. So BMW looks more like Samsung trying to sell last years mobile phone along side a newer model. The SUV market is booming, but shelf life of successful models is getting shorter.

        • guest says:

          That’s been true for a long time, used to apply to the sports coupe segment, which has pretty much dried up, to be supplanted by crossovers. X2 hasn’t even made it to market yet, dealers are clamoring for CUV’s, how can it be surplus? Like the X4 & X6 before it, it will be a lucrative niche & alternative to the GLA. As the article acknowledges, BMW are cutting back on models to focus on as many profitable UKL & CLAR variants as possible. In that sense they are following the Detroit model from the days when they were at their most profitable: multiple body styles & options from the same platforms.

          • Mark Tucker says:

            The X2 will most likely replace the X1 has BMW’s sales success at the lower end of the range. The X1 will then become a low volume niche model which will probably survive only because of heavy discounts.

            The new X3 will do the same to the X4. Repeating what the X4 did to the current X3 when it was released.

            Small markets just sell the new products that the customer want.

            Whether these models will be profitable or not will depend on what level of support this models will require continue to sell in numbers after they stop being the newest model. It is too early to tell if this strategy will work or not.

          • guest says:

            The X1, for 2 generations, has been a huge success for BMW, the X2 will supplement it as a more stylish niche vehicle. What do you possibly base your comments on, they seem utterly nonsensical to me? BMW are a global manufacturer, none of the models you mention are small market, in fact dealers are clamoring for more. It’s Mercedes’ growth in crossovers that allowed them to take the sales crown back from BMW last year, you want BMW to respond with FEWER CUV’s?!

  9. Guillaume Perret says:

    I can actually totally understand chinese and asian buyers about Convertibles: look at their weither conditions !
    China: freaking cold in winter, extremely warm in summer, add the pollution … who would want a convertible ? South-east asia ? Humidity is a killer

    • Pictor says:

      I’m with you on the pollution. New Delhi or Beijing in the winter months is a smoggy, sooty, nasty mess that will quite literally leave grime on your teeth from just driving with the windows open.

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