To compete with the latest trend of sporty coupe-like crossover, such as the new Audi Q2, BMW is developing its own, based off of the new X1 — the BMW X2. While we’ve seen many renderings, concepts and spy photos, this new spy video gives us a really good look at the Bavarian brand’s latest crossover.

In the video, we see a heavily camouflaged BMW X2 driving around in the snow with some X1s. From the front end, it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from its X1 sibling, which isn’t surprising. Even in profile, it isn’t much different looking than the X1, without seeing the two side-by-side. It’s when you really get to see the tucked rear end and more aggressive roofline toward the C-pillar. When you see it next to the X1, though, you can really see the differences. It does seem like a handsome crossover, with sportier looks than the already good-looking X1.

You can also see that it’s a lot smaller than the X1. Its roofline is quite a bit lower and it’s even narrower. It definitely looks tiny by comparison, which is sort of crazy considering how small the X1 is already. The X2 will certainly be the smallest SUV in BMW’s lineup.

We also get to see it driving in some pretty sloppy snow and it hangs on pretty well. There’s a bit of a little slide but it ultimately does well in the snow, even in some deep stuff. Overall, I’m excited to see how the BMW X2 turns out, as it could offer a very sporty alternative to the typical crossover. For someone who wants a sporty BMW but also has an active lifestyle and maybe even a young family, the upcoming BMW X2 seems like it could be a very exciting prospect.

[Source: Motor1]