We’ve heard rumors about the BMW i8 Spyder and seen concepts that hint at it, such as the i8 Vision Future Concept, but we’ve yet to actually see real photos of the i8 Spyder. However, that’s about to change as some spy photos have come out of a BMW i8 sans roof, driving around wearing heavy camouflage. We finally get to see it in action. Sort of. (We don’t own the spy shots so check them out here.)

The BMW i8’s styling lends itself so well to being a roadster, so we knew it was going to be good looking. And we were right. Just from these spy photos, and even with all of that camouflage on, we can tell that the i8 Spyder is going to be a great looking car. It seems to have a similar sort of folding metal roof as a McLaren, almost like a Targa roof. With the top down and the two buttresses on the rear deck, the i8 Spyder looks fantastic. It looks like a proper topless supercar.

BMW will be building the i8 Spyder at the same time as the new facelifted i8 that comes out next year. So it will get all of the same improvements as the refreshed car. The BMW i8 is a pretty spectacular car on its own and probably doesn’t really need any improvements but the Germans aren’t known for sitting on their hands. So the new car, Spyder included, will likely have BMW’s latest iteration of iDrive, with touchscreen and gesture capabilities, improved battery range and some more power for the 1.5 liter turbo-three.

It should also get some exterior tweaks as well, with a bit of nip and tucking done to the headlights and taillights. We could also see some interior bits change as well but probably not much, as the current i8’s interior still looks fresh.

We’re extremely excited about the BMW i8 Spyder. It’s going to add even more emotion and drama to and already incredibly dramatic car. Add the stunning looks of a drop-top with the open-air driving experience and some more of that snarly little three-cylinder noise to the already exciting i8 and the BMW i8 Spyder will be a car that has enthusiasts salivating over.

[Source: CarScoops]