Last month, at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, we spent some time with Dr. Florian Reuter, Head of Planning Digital Services, talking about the new BMW Connected personal mobility assistant and BMW’s integration into the digital life of a customer. Introduced in late 2016, the new BMW Connected Version 3.0 for iOS and Android includes new benefits, such as: Alexa integration, first mile navigation, vehicle service alerts, a battery-saving mode, and an Apple Watch app.

Customers are able to call up information such as driving times based on current traffic, as well as a map showing the navigation destination on the watch, and use that information without having to take out their smartphone. Plus, integration into Alexa allows users to control vehicle functions from home via voice commands. Typical functions that can be controlled include vehicle door lock and battery charge status.

Last mile navigation displays the route users need to take from their car to their final destination on their mobile device. The new update to BMW Connected also sees users benefitting from first mile navigation – the route back to their vehicle is now accessible via BMW Connected.

Dr. Reuter also talks about machine learning, data analytics, cloud services, apps and data privacy. More on the video below.