We’re all pretty aware of the brilliance of the BMW M2 by now. It’s the Bavarian brand’s newest and smallest M car, the car that brings the brand back to its Ultimate Driving Machine roots. We’ve also already established that it’s a fantastic B-road car, the sort of sports car that likes nippy, tight corners rather than race tracks. But how does it do when a fantastic driver takes it to a track and pushes it to its limits?

Well, we’re gonna find out when we take a video ride along with Top Gear’s The Stig and their famous test track.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Top Gear, you’re probably aware of the famous Top Gear test track. Well, now you get to see what it’s like from the driver’s seat. Sort of.

From over The Stig’s shoulder, we get to watch him chuck the M2 around with ease. It’s interesting to see how accurately he can place the car and we’re wondering how much of that is the M2 and how much is The Stig’s impressive driving skill. What’s also interesting is to see the M2 understeer a bit into a couple of turns. We always hear of the tail-out antics of the M2 and how it loves to slide but we rarely see it understeer.

However, the M2’s brilliant engine, accurate steering and overall chassis balance, despite some understeer, make easy work of the famous Top Gear track. We don’t get an official time for the M2 but it seems very quick. Plus, with how rare the M2 is, it’s cool to get as close as possible to being behind the wheel.

[Source: Top Gear]