Our friends at Motor.es have gotten their hands on BMW’s top street legal racing car – the M4 GTS. While the video is in Spanish, they were kind enough to add the appropriate English subtitles. As added bonus, they’ve also managed to drive the Spain-exclusive M4 CS.

The BMW M4 GTS is the culmination of sportsmanship and racing into a single product. The GTS overwhelms by its aesthetics, interior and above all behavior. It’s a beast race, born to devour curves at high speeds.


On the other hand, the M4 CS is a more civilized version of the exclusive BMW M4 GTS thanks to its versatility and rear seats incorporating compounds similar to BMW M4 Coupe.


In addition to an increase in power – which BMW says it’s between 431 and 500 horsepower – exclusive 20-inch wheels, adaptive M chassis and carbon-ceramic brakes, the new BMW M4 CS incorporates a rear spoiler, exterior elements in CFRP (carbon fiber), new seats design and better grip as well.

Let’s have a look.