The sixth generation BMW M5 will be unveiled in late 2017 with sales beginning the following year, but in the mean time, the super athlete from Garching continues to record thousands of miles on the legendary Nurburgring race track.

A new video from the Ring shows the F90 M5 going through some fast corners with ease and lots of power. Speaking of performance, the new M5 will be powered by an updated version of the V8 TwinTurbo which has been optimized to deliver maximum power at a wider rpm range, yet the power won’t exceed by much the 600 hp mark. Sources say a 620 hp figure is definitely achievable, but won’t confirm the final power output. Currently, the M5’s rivals are in the range of 550 to 605 hp.

The F90 M5 will also bring the long-time rumored all-wheel drive system to an M5 and future M6 models. The xDrive system will be rear-biased, just like the one in the X5 M and X6 M SUVs. The standard transmission is likely to be the same M-dual-clutch transmission as the current F10 M5. Sources say this new M5 might still offer the manual gearbox for the American market.

Even though the camo does a good job keeping prying eyes away, the psychedelic tape is not able to hide the beautiful curves of the new M5. Just as all the M cars before, the F90 M5 delivers a super sporty front-end, the typical rear-end with the twin double pipes and the flared wheel-arches. With a lower weight than the current F10 model, the next F90 M5 is rumored to deliver again that M experience we’ve all been craving for.