With the new BMW 5 Series just unveiled, our attention moves towards the next-generation BMW M5. Dubbed F90, the super sporty sedan is built upon the same rear-wheel drive architecture as the G3x series and will arrive in 2017. Ahead of its unveil, BMWBLOG worked with rendering artist Jerry Alvarez to “design” the new M5, based on the most recent spy photos and the new G30 5 Series.

The three-quarter image shown below highlights the typical M elements designed by the wizards in Garching. The front-end includes large air curtains, along with the aero blades which are now seen on all the recent M models. The thick kidney grille brought to market by the G30 5 Series has also ended up on this rendering, same as the the LED headlights. Other elements from the G30 5 Series are present as well, starting with the sporty hood and continuing with the aero flicks positioned in front of the front wheel arches.


BMW’s F90 M5 will not only receive a new design, but also a highly improved powerplant. BMW will stay true to its V8 TwinTurbo engine which replaced the iconic V10 S85 5.0-liter rider on the M5 E60 of the Bangle era. During the development of the new M5 F90, there were several rumors about new engine downsizing, which essentially would have given the F90 M5 a powerplant similar to the one found in the new M4 and M4 GTS. But even the track-focused GTS – with its innovative water injection technology – only outputs 500 horsepower. A respectable figure but still far less than the 600 horsepower delivered by the M5 30 Jahre Edition.

Therefore, the new F90 M5 will use the same base architecture of the current V8, but with a twist. The updated unit has been optimized to deliver maximum power at a wider rpm range, yet the power won’t exceed by much the 600 hp mark. Sources say a 620 hp figure is definitely achievable, but won’t confirm the final power output. Currently, the M5’s rivals are in the range of 550 to 605 hp.

The F90 M5 will also bring the long-time rumored all-wheel drive system to an M5 and future M6 models. The xDrive system will be rear-biased, just like the one in the X5 M and X6 M SUVs, and it will be optional. The xDrive system has been developed specifically for the M5, with a specific task to retain the driving dynamics of a rear-wheel drive sportscar, with the bonus of having an effective grip and traction on all four wheels.

The standard transmission is likely to be the same M-dual-clutch transmission as the current F10 M5. Sources say this new M5 might still offer the manual gearbox for the American market.

The safety equipment and comfort features of the new M5 will be in line with the developments of the new 7 Series and the upcoming G30 5 Series. Functionalities such as autonomous driving, Driving Assistant Plus, Parking Assistant Plus and Remote Control Parking and Connected Drive services that can be found in the new 7 Series will find its way in the new F90 M5.

Optional laser lights will also adorn the M5, while OLED taillights will be among the standard equipment.

BMW is likely to unveil the F90 M5 at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March.