BMW’s most famous car at the moment is the BMW M2. The smallest, least expensive M car is also the most fun to drive and most beloved. The only real complaint that most BMW fans have for the M2 is its color options, or lack thereof. With only four color options, Long Beach Blue is the only interesting color one. Which is a shame, because the M Division has always offered great colors for its cars. So there are many fans and enthusiasts that wish BMW would offer more of its M colors on the M2.

But, while, BMW M fans love the special colors offered by the famous Bavarian performance brand, there’s one that isn’t so love — Austin Yellow Metallic. Some fans are big fans of Austin Yellow, but it’s probably the most heavily criticized of all current BMW M colors. This BMW M2 owner must be on of the former, though, as we’ve’ now spotted an M2 wearing the Austin Yellow Metallic M color.


Admittedly, it does look better here than on the M4. Credit its smaller size and more muscular flanks for giving Austin Yellow some life. Now, we’re not sure if this is someone’s car that bought it with an Individual paint color or if BMW is working on bringing some more colors to the M2’s palette. It’s more likely an Individual BMW M2 with the customer having ordered Austin Yellow than anything else. But it is interesting to see because we have heard BMW was considering bringing more colors with the M2’s facelift in 2017.

If BMW does end up bringing more M colors to the M2, it’s likely that it will bring either Austin Yellow or Sakhir Orange. Yas Marina Blue is likely to stay put, as the M2 already has its own blue color option. Silverstone Metallic could make its way to the M2 also.

[Photos: Todor Todorov | IG: @todorov5]