The BMW 2 Series was launched in late 2013 which means that next year it will be turning four, the age where BMW usually likes to infuse new energy into its models. And they will include the BMW M2 in this mix, according to our sources inside Munich. That’s a bit unexpected as the M car was launched considerably later down the line compared to the standard 2 Series.

However, you shouldn’t expect big changes to happen as the German manufacturer and the clients themselves are quite happy with the car already. Most likely, we’ll see the introduction of a new front and rear-end design, mostly focused on the headlights and taillights. Chances are we’ll even get to see some more new tech thrown into the mix, as the 2 Series doesn’t get the full spectrum of Bavarian innovations at the moment.


The engines powering the 2 Series models out there are already almost completely part of the modular B-family with the exception of the BMW 220i and the 225d. Those will most likely be upgraded as well to the B48 and B47 units in different power output guises. The 220i will get the same 192 HP unit as the MINI Cooper S, bumping the hp reading by 8 HP while the 225d will have 231 HP.

As for the BMW M2 little is known. The N55 engine is likely to continue on, as BMW rarely upgrades the engine inside M cars once the LCI is launched. However, the M2 is and always was a peculiar model from a couple of points of view. It doesn’t use a BMW Motorsport engine, developed from the ground up, but an enhanced version of the N55. That’s what could force the hand of the management team to move on up to the B58 mill, to comply with changing laws regarding pollution and CO2 emissions. That definitely won’t be a loss for the car as it would gain a bit more torque throughout the rev range.