BMWBLOG’s “The Driveway” features in their first episode a beautiful BMW E46 M3 with the second generation of the SMG transmission.

Name: Joël
Car (year/make/model): BMW M3 E46 SMG2 (2001)
Time of Ownership: March 2016
What made you buy it?: It was my dream car
Things you like: BMW, Motorsport, Racetrack
Things you’d change: Nothing.
Modifications Done: Nothing, stock only.
Any Adventures?

The first owner of the car was a MotoGP Driver who was living in Monaco at the first time. He returned to his country in the Netherlands to play with the car on the Assen Racetrack. I saw a video of him, with the car, before buying it. I’m from France, I saw the car, took the road to the Netherlands with my dad, fell in love, and came back home with the car.

But before that, I had to learn to drive my dad’s car. It was a BMW Z3M Roadster with the S50 engine, and it’s this car that let me know the cars are my thing. It’s something I shared everyday with my dad since I was 16 years old, and with my grandpa before he passed away. My grandpa was the first in my family to fall in love with BMWs, my dad followed him and now, it’s my turn.

After buying the M3 E46, my dad was driving a BMW Z4 sDrive 35i with the DKG gearbox. He love the DKG, not the SMG, but he wanted to have an M3 again. So three month after I bought my E46 M3, he came back with the E93 M3 Convertible. He want to have the roof down but while keeping the spirit of the M3.

Costs: 21k€ for 105.000 Km

What’s Next? For the moment ? None. My dad still has the BMW M3 E93 and I’m not jealous at all. I recently drove the BMW M4 Coupe with the DCT transmission and I realized my E46 M3 is really the car for me.

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