After the entire Top Gear fiasco settled down and the smoke cleared, the dynamic trio of James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson decided to switch camps and start another show, this time in collaboration with Amazon. The famous trio will kick off their Gran Tour show on November 19th and it seems like this season will also include a few BMWs.

In the clip posted below, we’ve spotted an Austin Yellow BMW M4 drifting on a wet track while approaching a camera. As the car approaches, we notice Richard Hammond is also on the track, basically being used as a human cone or a practice dummy, if you will.

Capture 11 750x354

The car flies by him, fortunately, but only by a small margin. A ‘Close Shave’ as the guys would call it, the result of the incredible driving skills of the man behind the wheel, no doubt. Who that may be we don’t know yet, but considering the people who played The Sting in the past, we’re pretty sure they have some extremely well qualified drivers doing stunts in this new project as well.

From what we could gather so far, the new Gran Tour show will feature the charismatic three going around the world and doing all sorts of crazy challenges while driving some of the rarest, most exclusive cars on the planet. And if you’re thinking they’ll only be testing cars, you’d be wrong, as other means of transportation are also part of the guys’ DNA.