Just last week we were wondering just how much power a stock BMW M5 actually puts down as it walked away from a 640 HP CTS-V on the drag strip. Well, today we’re looking at an even more powerful M5 on the strip, this time going up against a range of cars that are pushing impressive figures on the asphalt. The biggest challenger though, it’s not who you may think it is.

In the video below we get to check out a BMW M5 that is claimed to have 700 HP, thanks to a variety of upgrades. Due to its massive 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 hiding under the hood, the power figure is quite easily achievable.


Excluding the VW, the Bimmer goes up against a Corvette, a Porsche and even a Nissan GT-R of all things, cars that were thought to be borderline unbeatable on the drag strip. However, playing to BMW’s advantage was the fact that all races were done from a rolling start, which means the M5 was able to put down its power a lot better rather than it would’ve been the case if it had to be launched.

Even so, the Golf proved to be too much for the Bavarian. As you can imagine, the Golf is not a stock Mk II, but rather one tuned by the guys from Donkey Tech to deliver 650 HP. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of the specific parts installed under the sheet metal, but the guys are known to have created a VR6 powered Golf II a while back delivering over 1,000 HP. This car may very well use a similar setup with the boost settings turned down just a tad. No matter what though, the end result is stunning and this sleeper could take anyone by surprise.