A revved F80 M3 exhaust note, even a stock one, is usually enough to raise the hairs on your arm when heard. Then came the Competition Package. This brought with it a more aggressive sound and black-chrome exhaust tips.

But if you want the most hardcore exhaust that BMW offers, you tick the $5,000.00 option box and you go for the M Performance Exhaust. It consists of a stainless steel exhaust duct with a rear silencer made entirely of titanium. The exhaust tips also come wrapped in carbon fiber and emblazoned with the M logo.

BMW-Competition Exhaust vs. M Performance Exhaust-1
BMW-Competition Exhaust vs. M Performance Exhaust-2
BMW Seattle had two nearly identical F80 M3s for us to check out. A Mineral White BMWM3 Competition Package and an Alpine White BMW M3 Competition Package, but with the optional M Performance Exhaust.

We fired them both up, revved them for a bit and recorded some video for your viewing pleasure. Between revs, we switched through “Comfort” and “Sport Plus” modes since Sport Plus unleashes the full potential on both systems. This way you can get a better understanding of how both exhaust systems sound.

Check out the video below and be sure to also browse the photo gallery for some up-close shots of both exhaust systems.

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