When most people think of long-journey grand touring cars, they style of car that comes to mind is typically a, two-door, front-engine coupe with a long hood and comfortable interior. It’s typically something like a BMW M6 or Mercedes-Benz SL-Class. It’s usually not a mid-engine, hybrid supercar, like the BMW i8. However, the i8 just could be the best GT car BMW makes.

According to Andrew Frankel from Autocar, who just recently spent some quality time with the BMW i8 on a long road trip, the BMW i8 could be the very best GT car on the market.

Frankel took the BMW i8 on a road trip from the UK to Belgium for the Spa Six Hours. That’s quite a long trip and would be extremely uncomfortable and aggravating in almost any supercar. Yet, the i8 was not only fun to drive but also comfortable and luxurious. The cabin tech is incredible and fun to use (though he struggled pairing his iPhone) and the 16-way adjustable seats are tremendous.

Sophisto Gray BMW i8

It’s also fast and sporty, making it fun when you turn off the motorway. A lot of GT cars are great on the highway but become bland and boring once the road gets twisty. Not the i8. In fact, it’s equally at home on twisty roads as it is cruising between countries. It’s also economical, averaging 40 mpg (on the extremely generous EU Cycle) from the UK to Belgium. That’s pretty damn excellent.

Frankel gives the BMW i8 about as high of praise as one can give, stating “if there is another out there that is as good at rewarding you when you want to drive and as unobtrusive when you need to relax, I’ve not driven it.” While all of this hybrid supercar/grand touring car goodness comes at a high, six-figure price, it seems to be well worth it. Not many cars can be an exciting mid-engine supercar, grand touring car and economical hybrid all at the same time. In fact, none of them can, really. So the BMW i8 may just be BMW’s best GT car.

[Source: Autocar]