Why is the BMW E30 M3 so loved? Is it just the fact that it looks great or handles the way an M car should? Are those the only two things that make the M3 a brilliant collector’s item? Could the heritage this car has on the track be one of its best selling points? We tend to think so and so do people around the world that use the finely-tuned chassis the Motorsport division came up with for the M3 for all sorts of racing projects.

The original M3 was and still is one of the most successful models ever to race around the world and back in the late 1980s and early 1990s its fierce competition with arch rivals from Mercedes-Benz and Audi was the epitome in motorsport entertainment. That, in turn, made a lot of us start drooling over the thought that one day we could afford one of those racers and drive them ourselves.

Thinking that along with the passing of the years depreciation will take its course, a lot of people started saving money to buy a proper racing-spec E30 M3 later down the line but the car had a little surprise in store nobody expected. Instead of becoming cheaper, it grew up into a collector’s item and models around the world are being sold for unbelievable amounts these days.

What we have here is a proper 1991 BTCC BMW E30 M3 that used to be raced in the British championship back in the day. It was the winner of the season finale in 1991 at the Silverstone circuit and even took home the win with the help of its driver, Tim Harvey. On sale today, the beast looks the part, still retaining its original Labatt Brewing Company livery and looking mint inside and out. It even received a new fire suppression system inside to keep up with the times. The price asked sits at about $180,000 at today’s exchange rates and might be a bit too much for some. However, considering its heritage and pedigree, it might just be worth it for some rich folks.