While everyone hoped to see the new 5 Series in Paris, BMW had a different plan in store for us and decided to show us a new concept which in about a year time will lead to a new crossover. As a side note, BMW is rumored to have had the G30 5 Series in the French capital, but the car was reserved for the prying eyes of VIPs.

Therefore, the center stage was taken by the new BMW Concept X2, a beautiful coupe-like crossover which is built on the DNA of the new front-wheel drive X1 and ready to tackle the Range Rover Evoque, an SUV often praised for its quirky, yet sexy looks.


With the X2, BMW really wanted to combine sporty design and dynamics with practicality for active lifestyles, more so than in any other coupe-like crossover so far. The roofline is sporty and aggressive, the front overhang is short, the signature kidney grilles are upright and massive and the headlights are narrow and angry. The massive air intakes in the front end and the pseudo rear diffuser are emphasizing its sporty character, an angle that BMW will likely promote in its marketing materials.


The topic of a front-wheel drive BMW is hard to avoid, considering how controversial and fun it is every time it comes up. So while the base car is a front-wheel drive, BMW’s, xDrive all-wheel drive will be available also and, if it does make it to the US. So the X2 will drive just as good as the new X1, maybe even better considering its more athletic stance.


We don’t know what sort of power, performance or efficient figures yet, but expect them to be similar to the X1, if not identical.

BMW said today that the production model will hit the market in early 2018, but has yet to mention which regions will inherit the good-looking crossover.