From the comfort of your couch, watching videos on Youtube, the Nurburgring looks like heaven to most gear heads. However, once you reach the Holy Grail of German racing you might feel a bit queasy. That’s because the nickname ‘Green Hell’, given to it by Jackie Stewart, is well deserved. The track is one of the longest and most challenging you can drive on in the world, as the man behind the wheel of this BMW 3 Series Touring found earlier this year.

What makes the Nurburgring so rough on the people trying to enjoy its curves is the fact that it has no less than 154 turns, a total of 300 meters in elevation change and is over 20 km long. Learning every single turn will take some time and even then, due to the length of the track, quickly changing conditions could get you in trouble. That’s true even for professional drivers but imagine how a regular guy like you and me would have to approach this thing.


Well, they say no guts no glory and the man in the video below, at the 0:55 mark definitely must’ve taken it to heart. He obviously pushes his E36 3 Series Touring BMW too far and loses control in a corner that’s neither tricky or lacks visibility. As a matter of fact, the corner where he was taken by surprise isn’t even known as an especially troublesome one.

From the looks of things, he came in too fast and panicked, pressed the brakes a bit too hard, unintentionally trail braking in the process. From there on, entering an involuntary drift was only a matter of time and steering input. In about two seconds, the man manages to do a 360-turn worthy of action movies. Luckily nobody else was around or we could’ve viewed the clip below in a completely different light. Oh, and a change of pants was probably needed at the end of his lap.