The latest video from Carfection reviews the Rolls-Royce Dawn and it does so in a spectacular way, with shots probably worthy of the equivalent of automotive Oscars, if they existed. Of course, the luxurious drophead also helps quite a bit, especially since it’s been often referenced as “the best looking Rolls ever made.” Earlier this year, we also went for a quick experience with the Rolls-Royce Dawn in California and we loved it inside and out.

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Rolls Royce Dawn 28 750x500

The Dawn feels great in every way and it is effortlessly luxurious, delivering a drop top experience that’s unrivaled at the moment. Within the Rolls-Royce range you can also choose the Phantom Drophead Coupe, but as it will go out of production soon, we’ll soon have to make due with the Dawn.

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Under the hood hides a V12 that provides no less than 605 lb-ft of torque (820 Nm) from as low as 1,600 RPM. That translates into an effortless cruise everywhere you go, with quick bursts of power and a dynamic ride, when needed. With 571 HP at its disposal, the Dawn is also quite fast off the line, doing 100 km/h (62 mph) from standstill in 5 seconds flat, but it’s not as if anyone’s going to use it to drag race, now is it?