Rolls-Royce has been touting its own horn for quite some time now, talking about how its cars are bespoke and unique in 90 percent of the time. The thing is, while all of that sounds nice and all, people rarely get to see truly bespoke cars in the metal or in photographs for that matter. The British manufacturer claims that it can replicate any color you wish for your car and the Dawn we’re about to show you might just prove that that’s not all just marketing.

The owner of this new convertible wanted the Goodwood company to paint his car in a particular baby blue paint, one that wasn’t commissioned before, on any other car. The expert painters then got to work to make sure the customer receives the exact hue he was looking for. In the end, the paint really proved to be unique, and a name for it is still to be found, as is the case most of the time when someone comes in and asks for a particular hue.


The fact that Rolls-Royce actually didn’t have this color on any of its charts speaks about the ordeal their experts had to go through in order to fit the customer’s demands perfectly. That’s because the British company has over 44,000 different hues at the ready. As a matter of fact, Color Design and Production Supervisor Steve Williams once said in an interview that “[he] mixed paint to match a customer’s favorite jade necklace and the petals of a particular flower. [He] even created paint with pure gold mixed in with it.”

As for the rest of the Rolls-Royce Dawn, the car’s interior was also done in a rather unconventional color, the leather being split between mandarin and black. The dash has open pore Rosewood trims while the rear deck is also made of the same material, all for a truly unique experience aboard what probably is the best looking Rolls-Royce available.