The fast-paced advancements achieved in the smartphone realm are prompting other industries to keep up or, at least, try to do so. Almost everything we do today revolves around our phones and that made a lot of car manufacturers rethink the way people interact with their cars. The BMW Connected App has been on offer for iOS users for quite some time now and it does bring some nifty features with it. Starting this October, Android users will also be able to enjoy these perks.

The announcement that the BMW Connected App will be coming to selected high-end Android devices came at this year’s IFA that took place in Berlin. The first version of BMW Connected, already introduced in the USA and available in 18 European markets since August 2016, focuses on end-to-end journey management seamlessly integrated with the vehicle.


In this regard, BMW Connected facilitates the daily planning of trips and appointments, and enable users to reach their destination on time. BMW Connected for Android allows you to search for, store and recall destinations as well. Appointments with addresses are automatically imported from calendar entries. Users are then informed of their optimum departure time based on real-time traffic information.

Frequently visited places and personal mobility patterns are automatically learned in order to provide notifications to the user if travel times are longer than usual. Destinations can easily be transferred from the phone to BMW’s navigation system to eliminate typing in the vehicle. Besides all this, the familiar BMW Remote Services are also available for BMW Connected Android version, allowing a variety of functions – such as the interior climate control, vehicle locking and unlocking, and operating the horn and headlight flasher – to be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

BMW Connected for Android will be available for selected smartphone models in Germany and the USA in October 2016, and in other markets in due course.