A little while back, we showed you some spy shots of what seemed to be a facelifted BMW M4 that had some extra aero bits added on. It was quite confusing, actually, because it seemed to almost be a BMW M4 CS, the special edition M4 sold exclusively in Spain. But it also sort of looked like a tamed down BMW M4 GTS. We weren’t really sure what was going on with it.


Well, some new spy photos have appeared, giving up just a touch more information. In these new photos, we can see  that this is clearly a facelifted M4, thanks to the new headlights and taillights. It also seems to be equipped with the Competition Package, as it has the 20″ Style 666M wheels. However, it also has what looks like some new aerodynamic bits we haven’t seen on an M4 thus far.

The front end has a sort of small chin spoiler, but it’s covered in camouflage so we can’t make out what it looks like exactly. At the back, it also seems to have a small decklid spoiler, again covered in camouflage. We haven’t seen these yet on an M4 so we’re wondering if this is another special edition or just some sort of new aerodynamic package BMW is offering. Maybe, it comes with the Competition Package? We don’t know anything for sure at the moment.


Another interesting aspect is the paint. It’s an interesting shade of grey and doesn’t seem to be Silverstone Metallic. Is it a new M Color added to the list or is this a special edition car wearing special paint?

I’m assuming we’re going to find out soon enough, what this mystery BMW M4 is all about. However, until then, all we can do is speculate. So guess away and let us know what you think.

[Source: Photos: Phocarmedia & Motor.es]