Not long ago we were telling you that BMW plans to roll out some more M Performance models, as part of a plan to make products developed under the M division’s scrutiny more popular. The first ones to come out as part of this plan will be the upcoming BMW M550i sDrive and M550i xDrive models that are currently in development. As we can see in the video below, engineers and drivers altogether are working hard at bringing them out.

The BMW G30 M550i will be nothing more than an M Performance version of the 550i model we’ve all grown to love over the years. It will be using the same 4.4-liter V8 N63 engine but slightly upgraded to make closer to 500 HP in total. Furthermore, the M550i will also get the M suspension package as standard as well as some distinctive visual cues to set it apart from the rest of the range.


While the car will be wearing the M Sport package, it will also sport Ferric Grey accents through the front air intakes as well as side mirror covers done in the same color, to set it apart. When it will be launched, the V8-powered M550i will sit alone at the top of the 5 Series range, just below the highly anticipated F90 M5. Luckily, we’ll get this new M Performance automobile in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations but don’t expect a manual gearbox to be on the table as well.

The M550i will be just the first step in a much bigger plan from BMW. In the future, we’ll also see the 340i model transform into M340i, the X3 range receive an M40i version as will all the rest of the range-topping models. That being said, these vehicles will be fitted with more standard kit than usual but will also come with a price increase, as you may expect. As for the M550i portrayed in the video below, expect it to be launched during the first quarter of 2017.