Recently, the nation of Turkey has been in the headlines, due to a myriad of events which occurred within it. Though, the country has suffered some destabilizing setbacks in recent weeks, today we have something quite beautiful and positive to share with you, which comes from the illustrious country.

Dubbed the Titan, this futuristic motorcycle concept depicts a rather wonderful future for our beloved motorcycle brand, BMW. Turkish designer, Mehmet Erdem, has created several BMW motorcycle concepts in the past. And, though, the rest were also impressive, the Titan is arguably his best work yet. Based in Istanbul, Erdem has created no less than seven other captivating BMW motorcycles, which all exhibit a unique and authentic interpretation of the brand.

The folks at have reported that the inspiration for the vehicle’s shape was a shark. Also, they noted that the Titan appears to be rather fitting for Batman. Surely, if this vehicle were to ever be produced, it would be something which Bruce Wayne may consider upgrading to, due to its radical design and probable performance capabilities. Sadly, this design exercise will almost certainly never transition from the conceptual stage to reality. Still, Erdem’s design can serve to inspire manufacturer’s designers to take greater risks, to design truly dramatic and mesmerizing motorcycles.

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