The BMW E46 M3 is and will remain an iconic model in the brand’s history. Even though for now it can’t reach the popularity and desirability of the E30 M3, it’s well on its way. Given that prospect, the price tag of such cars will start going up in a couple of years, as they will celebrate their 20th anniversary. Therefore, it may be a good idea to grab one now, while their price tags are still decent.

On July 30, an auction will take place in Silverstone, where enthusiasts can get their fix on classic cars. Furthermore, some more modern models will be on sale there, a BMW E46 M3 CS included, with just 21,000 miles on the odometer. In case you’re wondering what a CS M3 is, we’ll set the record straight, as this nameplate never existed officially.

In December 2004, BMW introduced the Competition Package for all BMW E46 M3 models. The Brits being special by nature, decided to call the cars fitted with this optional package Club Sport or CS in short. Even though BMW repeatedly said that this was not sanctioned by them, this is how the car was known among enthusiasts around the UK, despite not having any kind of M3 CS badge anywhere on it.


Even so, this was a Competition Package M3 and that means it came with some tricks borrowed from its rarer brother, the CSL. These included cross-drilled brake rotors (enlarged to 13.7 inches in front) with two-piece compound rotors (aluminum hat and outer portion connected by steel pins), steering ratio reduced to 14.5:1, M Track Mode setting for Dynamic Stability Control (raises—but does not eliminate—the threshold at which the DSC intervenes), 19-inch cross-spoke alloy wheels (8×19-inch front, 9.5×19-inch rear) and Alcantara-wrapped M three-spoke steering wheel with M Track Mode activation button (audio and cruise control buttons deleted).

The fact that only 3,011 of these Competition Package M3 models were ever built makes them an asset for someone wanting to start their own collection. Furthermore, if you so happen to live in the UK or any other right-hand drive country in the world, this one particular M3 CS model will be even more attractive as it is one of only 275 RHD units ever made.