The current F80 BMW M3 is considered to be one of the better driver’s cars on the market and one of the best BMWs currently on sale. But if there is a criticism of the way the M3 handles, it’s that it can be a bit of a handful and the M3 can be a bit bitey if you’re not careful.

So to address some of these complaints, BMW recently launched a new Competition Pack for the M3, which adds a bit more horsepower, makes it a bit lighter, stiffens up the suspension and tweaks the electronic M Differential a bit. All of this is supposed to add up to make the M3 a more focused driving machine and a bit less wild.

2016 BMW M3 Competition Package review 6 750x500

Last month, we went to Germany to test the new 2017 BMW M3 Competition Package and we came back impressed.

Today, an owner of the “regular” M3 sedan gives us his thoughts on the comparison with the M3 Competition Package.