Given that this BMW M4 comes with an Ultraviolet Purple finish, made famous by the equally famous Porsche GT3 RS, the tuning project for this vehicle had to be something special.

The BMW F82 M4 seen here was put together by IND Distribution as a car the Chicago-based tuning shop uses to celebrate their 10th Year Anniversary. To accomplish this task, IND chose to work only with the most prestigious aftermarket companies by using the utmost highest quality aftermarket parts available. The result is a staggering and aggressive looking BMW M4.

Purple BMW M4 Build By IND DIstribution 1 750x500

For starters, IND installed carbon-fiber bumpers from 3D Design. Next, side skirts and a rear wing – that complement the lines of the M4 – have followed. The addition of the one-off carbon-Kevlar reinforced front splitter – mounted to the chassis – gives the front-end that racing look we’re all looking for.

And if that wasn’t enough, the massive carbon fiber rear wing is here to seal the deal.

In the world of BMW, getting a set of BBS Wheels is the equivalent of a Nissan GTR and/or Toyota Supra getting some VOLK Racing wheels. It’s a must on any respectable track car.

Purple BMW M4 Build By IND DIstribution 6 750x500

The BMW M4 seen here rocks a set of BBS FI-R wheels, some of the most popular model made by BBS. And, the fact that BBS makes them specifically for the M4 with staggered 19″ and 20″ fitments doesn’t hurt sales either. On the other hand, the price tag of nearly $8,000 for a set will make you think twice, before pulling the trigger on them. These BBS FI-R wheels are hiding behind them a set of Brembo GT Brakes. A perfect addition to allow the M4 even more stopping power.

Purple BMW M4 Build By IND DIstribution 2

Ultraviolet Purple BMW M4 Build By IND Distribution

With a price tag of MSRP $65,700, the M4 Coupe is one of the best options when performance and design come into play. The addition of all these aftermarket parts is likely to raise the price by another $20,000, but too many, that’s money well spent.

The complete photographic showcase of this IND Distribution project is available right below.

Ultraviolet Purple BMW M4 Build By IND Distribution