BMW is bound to get another family member. In the next few years, the Bavarians are planning a new flagship model which will sit – as expected – above the current 7 Series limousine. According to several reports and well informed sources, BMW will revive the 8 Series moniker under a new design and position on the market.

The Munich-based company has registered a few nameplates for the new range of luxury cars, from 825 to 830, 835, 845, 850 and even some names that include the Most Powerful Letter in the World – M850 and the M8. This is all looking extremely promising and it may have a lot to do with the recent decision to change the 6 Series from the core, to make it a much slimmer and more athletic proposition for the customers.


A new BMW 8 Series would likely serve as the brand’s flagship, in terms of both technology and luxury, being the ultimate in luxury grand touring. According to some insiders in Munich, BMW has two different layout ideas for the upcoming 8 Series and both of them have been put in front of Harald Krueger, BMW’s CEO, who is currently in the works of expanding BMW’s model lineup near the top, with the addition of new luxury vehicles to compete with Mercedes-Benz’s S Class Coupe.


The two different layouts include one that is similar to the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe that we all know and love, but bigger and far more luxurious. This would actually be an interesting idea, because it would be something different that the S Class Coupe and would look unbelievably good. There’s also a traditional Coupe and Convertible layout, to compete directly with the S Class Coupe, with even higher levels of luxury than the 7 Series.

Regarding which direction BMW decides to take with the upcoming 8 Series, we will likely find out in 2018 with a concept, yet in the mean time, our own Giom Mouton has decided to pay tribute to the original 8 Series with some futuristic design elements, like the push-up headlights which change the front-end design from the classic BMW round lamps to the iconic design of the headlights on the 8 Series.


“I’ve decided for this project to approach it in the same way BMW would re-visit their classic cars”, Mouton says. “Perhaps a bit more conservative than what the BMW designers would come up with, but I tried to retain the magic of the original as best I could. Elements like the pop-up headlights is so part of the original that it simply had to appear on this design study.”

Furthermore, the dimensions of this concept are based on the 6 Series Gran Coupé but slightly wider and lower. Even so, the car would be classified as a 2 + 2 as the greenhouse sits right back over the rear wheels to give it that long hood stance.


This flagship model is called 860i using BMW’s latest turbo V12, which sits comfortably behind the front axle.

As in the past, this 8 Series concept is all about sporty comfort and dynamics. Clever use of aerodynamics helps it glide through the air efficiently to help keep emissions in check.