BMW 6 Series to become Porsche 911-fighter?

6 Series, Rumors | May 13th, 2016 by 10

The current generation BMW 6 Series is a great car in its own right. It’s a bit different than people had expected it to be, …

The current generation BMW 6 Series is a great car in its own right. It’s a bit different than people had expected it to be, as most fans wanted something sharper and more dynamic, but it’s still a great car for its intended purpose. Right now, the BMW 6 Series is a grand tourer, a car meant to cross continents in supreme comfort, style and, most importantly, speed. However, according to Automobile, this may be changing with the next iteration.

Apparently, some people from Automobile have heard some rumors from BMW’s R&D department and they are saying that BMW is getting rid of the Convertible and Gran Coupe variants of the 6 Series for the next generation. The idea is that a BMW 9 Series might fill both of those gaps by being an ultra luxurious four-seater coupe/convertible. This would leave the 6 Series open to getting lighter, leaner and sharper, capable of finally tackling the Porsche 911.

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The next-gen BMW 6 Series will be built on the same CLAR platform as the current-generation 7 Series and is said to weigh 500 lbs lighter than the current model. Plus, it will likely use some of the 7 Series’ Carbon Core technology, which will make stiffer as well as lighter, meaning a sharper driving experience.

There’s no word on powertrain options, but it wouldn’t be surprising if BMW downsizes the engines a bit a goes with the new B58 I6 engine as its standard mill and maybe even borrow the M2’s engine for a M640i or something similar. If the idea is to take on the Porsche 911 which, the rumors are claiming, is exactly what BMW wants to do, would mean dropping the big, heavy 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8. The big V8 might still make it in a 650i, but it’s likely to be gone, as BMW seems to be looking to make the next 6er a sharper, more driver-focused car and is trying to get away from it being a grand tourer.

This is exciting news for many BMW enthusiasts, as they’ve been wanting a proper BMW 6 Series sports car for some time. While the M6 is crazy fast and immensely powerful, it still isn’t the precision instrument that fans have been wanting. With the 7 Series’ new architecture, some genuine lightweight materials, a huge weight loss and revamped engines, the next BMW 6 Series could be the Porsche 911-fighter we’ve always wanted.

[Source: Automobile]