A BMW i8 NASCAR? Nah! That will never happen, yet that dream hasn’t stopped this rendering artist who aims to illustrate what a BMW i8 NASCAR racing car would look like.

Yasid Design takes the base BMW i8 and nearly changes the entire exterior design of the hybrid sportscar. The iconic BMW kidney grilles stay in place, along with the elongated and sleek headlights, while the air curtains at the bottom of the front fascia have been slightly revised.

The design of the hood has also been retained, but the side of the car and rear have been revised to closely resemble the glorious NASCAR machines.


A BMW i8 designed for NASCAR would forgo the comfort and premium feel of the cabin, a roll-cage would certainly find a place in there while the hybrid drivetrain would be replaced by a mid-engine with lots of power and sound.

It’s always fun to see those type of renderings, like this BMW i8 DTM, but the i8 is heading towards full electrification versus a V12 supercar.