The famous Nurburgring Tourist Days (Touristenfahrten) are a blast in more than one way. Drivers from across all Europe show up to test their skills on the famous Green Hell during having a lot of fun both on the track and from the sidelines. And while tracking a car like a BMW E46 M3 on the Nurburgring seems like a great idea, not everyone gets to enjoy it the proper way.

Take this young fellow for example – in the video below at around the 5 minute mark. He assumed he was going to have the time of his life when he decided to jump aboard his friend’s BMW M3 but as it turned out, his stomach had different plans. We’ve seen this happen to the best of us, even to Chris Evans, the former presenter of Top Gear when Sabine Schmitz took him out for a quick joy ride.


The g forces people experience on the track are nothing to joke about. Some of the modern sportcars can easily throw you back in the seat in a matter of milliseconds, and it turns out even older BMWs have this sort of magic power as well. And while it may seem like a lot of fun to drive around the Nurburgring, during these Tourist Days, such an endeavor is most dangerous due to the varying skill of the drivers on the track.

You could have just as much fun from the sidelines from the looks of things. The trick is, though, to make sure you choose the right spot as some corners are known to be a bit trickier than others, making them more entertaining for the crowd. The array of cars coming from the entire Old Continent is also something to behold, ranging from proper BMW E92 M3 racing cars to M5 Ring Taxis and even Ford Transporter vans. If you don’t want to see the whole convoy rolling, you may want to skip to 5:00 in the video, to see what kind of effect a BMW E46 M3 can still have on the untrained track novice.