BMW of Peoria partnered with the BMW CCA for its 4th Annual M Madness Event on June 25, 2016. The goal: to have every M Motorsport vehicle ever produced for the U.S. in a line-up to celebrate BMW’s 100th Anniversary and 40th Anniversary of the M Division. Did they succeed? Almost… the center had every model except for the E30 M3 and E34 M5. Even without these two, they had an excellent display of BMW’s finest M cars.

Despite the heat, about 150 BMW enthusiasts came out to experience the M event. Tim Leman, owner and president of the dealership states, “This is one of the two biggest brand events we have each year drawing great, positive attention to our store. Huge!”


The highlight, not surprisingly, was Scott Hughes’ 1980 BMW E26 M1 sports car in Inca Orange. Owner and BMW CCA Trustee, Hughes, brought his pristine, iconic car all the way from South Carolina in a trailer for this special event. In a speech to the attendees, he mentioned, “Initially, this M1 was suppose to be red, but when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was orange … it’s stunning.” A total of 453 vehicles were produced from 1978-1981 making it one of BMW’s rarest cars.

Parked next to the M1, was Rick Roudebush’s 1987 E24 M6.


Known as the “Shark,” due to its aggressive, long, shark-nose styling and short backend, Roudebush’s vehicle is a serious showstopper in Zinnerbot Red. He purchased it online, commenting, “It was love at first sight. Its design and history as the ‘King of the Autobahn’ – and the way it handles and performs – give me great joy. The big coupe is my favorite M car.”

Another fan favorite was Andy Alexander’s 1988 E30 M3 in Alpine White.


The license plate, says ‘OUR MMM 3,’ because it’s actually owned by three family members who all have equal shares of the car. The vehicle is in great condition and has the original exterior and interior. Nicknamed “God’s Chariot,” the E30 is described as one of the greatest enthusiast cars ever built and was sold in the U.S. from 1987-1991.

The M Madness event was a success for both BMW of Peoria and passionate enthusiasts. The dealership created the ideal environment for guests to view each vehicle close-up and at the same time, have all their questions answered by the owners and experts. It was a win/win.