Some cars signal from afar that they have little to do with your average transportation. But that’s not the case with this flashy BMW 1M which went through an extensive tuning process. The folks at Laptime Performance have not only enhances its outer looks, but also gave the “baby-M” some impressive power.

This 1 Series M Coupe has been modified for the track starting from inside out. The standard seats were replaced by light and gripping sports bucket seats – Recaro Pole Position, and six-point belts by Schroth fix were added to the mix. When looking in the rear, instead of a back seat, a roll cage reminds us this is a car made for the track.


500 measured on the dynamometer horsepower were added by mcchip-DKR Munich and two larger turbochargers ensure that this BMW 1 Series M Coupe will offer a healthy dose of power on the track. This is one of the most aggressive tuning jobs for the 1M considering the stock car has 340 horsepower.


The 3-way adjustable KW Clubsport suspension increases the ride’s stiffness and offers the perfect setup for those track days.

The green-painted wheels are just the icing on the cake, while perfectly matching the other green accents on the car.

Overall, the BMW 1 Series M Coupe by Laptime Performance showcases a strong image of a track tool which is what some BMW customers want.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]