Some of you have probably thought that paying nearly double the price for the BMW M4 GTS compared to what the standard M4 costs would be a mad thing to do, but like any other story, it could be worse.

BMW Australia just announced the pricing for the coveted BMW M4 GTS in the land Down Under and if you’re faint of heart, you’d better be sitting down before reading on. The starting price for the hardcore version of the M4 starts at AUD295,000 which translates to roughly $211,000 at today’s exchange rates. That’s considerably more than what you’d have to pay for it in the US, where things kick off at $134,200 MSRP.


That’s not the only bad news coming your way if you live in Australia and want an M4 GTS badly. Unlike the U.S. which has had 300 of the 700 cars planned for production put aside, Australian customers will have to duke it out over the only 25 units that will be heading their way, all of which have already been accounted for, according to the brand’s representatives.

Speaking of how much you’re willing to spend, we’re pretty confident that out of the 25 cars on their way to Australia, some have been fitted with the optional M Compound wheels that cost another AUD21,560 ($15,500), taking the overall price tag over the AUD300,000 limit.

BMW M4 GTS with M Compound Wheels
BMW M4 GTS with M Compound Wheels

All in all, the reviews that have been coming in suggest the M4 GTS is a sound investment, not only regarding adrenaline infusions but also on the long run, as rare cars such as this one usually tend to go up in value over the years, as they become collectables.